I use Excelsior for my business and personal transportation because the staff/drivers are extremely professional and the fleet of vehicles used is of both great quality and cleanliness. That being said, I recently had a unique experience that elevates this company’s reputation above all others I have ever used.

I had a business trip and utilized Excelsior’s service for transportation from my home to the airport.

I was late that morning and the driver waited patiently and assured me he would get me to my gate on time despite my own lack of time management. As I rushed to my gate upon arrival, I was met with an officer holding my cell phone with the Excelsior driver’s information on a business card. The officer told me the driver wanted me to call him to confirm I received my cell phone (I left it in the car and he found it after he dropped me off, he drove back to the airport and sent an officer to my gate to deliver my cell phone). Any other service would have assumed the problem as the client’s with little effort to resolve. He went above and beyond and I was so appreciative as I would have been without phone on a business trip if it weren’t for his extra care/concern. I have utilized other services in the past but this experience which showcases both true professionalism and service beyond expectation has solidified my choice to use Excelsior for all my business transportation services.