Our exotic stretch limo is your answer if you want to turn heads at your event—Texas Style. When you want better options for stretch limos in Houston, but you also want BIGGER—Excelsior makes it happen.

Go Big Or Go Home

A staunchly extreme alternative to a traditional stretch limo— these exotic stretch limos aren’t shy. They are quite popular for proms, weddings, or any celebration. A bit larger in size, it offers the same amenities of our Ultra Limousine, just with a Texas twist. They are built from Hummers or Escalades and completely loaded with Texas personality. Bigger is better in Texas and this limo doesn’t disappoint with plush seating for up to 16 and features like:

  • Multiple Flat Screen TV’s
  • DVD / CD Player
  • Bluetooth
  • USB/AUX  Connections
  • Laser Lights
  • Fiber Optic Lighting Accents
  • Rear Climate Control
  • Full Bar (no alcohol allowed for prom rentals)

No, our exotic stretch limos don’t hold back on the lux factor at all. We basically take the over-the-top luxury of our regular stretch limos and beef them up on massive Hummers and Escalades. If that doesn’t scream “Houston Strong,” we don’t know what does.

Even though they look tough and rugged on the outside—and believe us they are. They still have that fine-leather, plush seating, premium carpeting, and expertly tuned sound systems. With generous leg and headroom for up to 16 passengers, your night on the town will be epic. You will definitely want to go on IG or Facebook to show off these pieces of art on wheels. Not to worry, with our in-car WIFI you’ll be connected all night, so post away we love the attention!

Of course, when you pull up to your destinations—people stop, they stare, they want to know who’s in there. It’s the reaction that Escalades and Hummers draw from a crowd—and it’s what they are known for. So if you’re looking to be the center of attention, this is the Texas way to do it.


What Events Are Good For Our Exotic Stretch Limo?

All of them! Our exotic stretch limos are the ultimate statement of Texas swagger stereotype that people all over the world love. It’s that confident strong walk and that independent attitude with manners and Texas twang. People are just fascinated with us, it’s not being cocky, it’s being honest. These Hummer and Escalade based limos also serve a practical purpose—albeit with a little flash.

We have clients from all walks of life that book our unique and bold limos. From CEO’s sending the welcoming committee to prospective clients to Texans players getting extended family to the games. There really is value in this fleet for everyone, no matter the need.

Impress International Clients

It’s no secret—Texas has this mystical stereotype that is big cowboys, big steers and big everything. When international travelers visit Texas the first thing they do is ask about Cowboys, and try the word “Y’all” out. Let’s face it, Houston is more diverse than the stereotype with all the things we have to offer. However, if clients want “big Texas,” give it to them and pull up in a true Texas-style exotic stretch limo.

You will make such a huge first impression you might close a huge sale in the backseat on the way to the Rodeo! Additionally, going above and beyond for your clients in a creative fashion goes a long way in breaking the ice. When you put your clients in a good mood from the get-go—everything is a lot easier going forward.

So have them picked up at the airport, whisk them over to Gatlin’s BBQ for a real cowboy meal. Then run them through the energy corridor—let’s not mention Enron though. If you really want to show off, take them on a lunch excursion to Galveston.

No matter how you choose to impress your international clients and bridge the culture gap, we’ll play a big part. They’ll really feel that you went out of your way to show them what Texas is like. Overtures like that go a long way towards opening favorable deals. Let us handle the driving and the wow factor, and you wow them with your proposal.

Houston Rodeo

If you’ve lived in Houston and never experienced the spectacle that is the Houston Rodeo—it is an event you don’t want to miss. What better way to experience it than to show up at the front gate 16 friends deep? Strut around in your best rodeo attire, get tickets for a concert or lose your money on carnie games.  How you choose to party at Rodeo is your business. Getting you there in style and in bold fashion with our exotic stretch limos is ours.

Everyone knows Houston Rodeo is the one attraction you don’t want to miss. However, all Houston residents can agree that they don’t look forward to the traffic. Houston traffic is bad as it is, but add an estimated extra 4,000 visitors each day of Rodeo? That’s a recipe for some Texas-sized road rage and fender benders.

Once you get through the traffic then you deal with having to park a full day’s walk length from the gates. It can really put a damper on Rodeo for you and you can’t avoid it—or can you?

Our exotic stretch limo will pick you and up to 16 cowboys and cowgirls total at your front door. We’ll get you loaded up, turn up the Jason Aldean and hit the road. Sure, you’ll be in some serious traffic, but guess what? You won’t care, you’re laughing with your friends, music jamming, with some cold ones in luxury. Not a bad ride if you ask us.

Houston Texans Games

Looking for the ultimate game day experience for Houston Texans home games? Look no further! We’ll get you to the game in style and ease. Want to add a little flair to our ride? Come geared up with Texans stuff, throw a couple of window flags on the Hummer and let’s roll! We are Houston Proud and would love to get you to the game on time and in style!

Why Choose Excelsior Exotic Stretch Limo Service?

When you choose Excelsior exotic stretch limos for your transportation needs you are trusting the best in the business. We have over 25 years of experience serving clients from all walks of life with all different tastes. Our commitment to the details that make us stand out from every other Houston transportation provider is the secret to our continued success.

Safety Is A Non-Negotiable Priority

Our drivers know and so do our riders, that we never make compromises on safety. That means maintaining our vehicles with near obsessive-compulsive attention to even the slightest concerns. We are committed to keeping the safest fleet on the roads. We utilize our own on-site service shop where certified master technicians keep all of our vehicles in tip-top shape.

Our drivers are bound by a zero-tolerance driver safety policy that mandates all traffic laws are fully complied with (no rolling stops, no speeding, etc.) and they are to be ready and alert for their entire shift. We pay our drivers well and reward excellent service and safety compliance which motivates drivers to be vigilant.

Servitude In Our Attitude

One of the things that we pride ourselves on is our attitude of servitude. We live to provide the warmth of hospitality on the road not only to our passengers but to other motorists on the road. When you trust us with your transportation you are ensured a pleasant and outgoing experience from booking to the actual ride itself. Our drivers are friendly, multilingual, knowledgeable about the city and are motivated to find ways to exceed your expectations.


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