Are you looking for efficient and affordable transportation for your group of up to 14 people? Our Executive Passenger vans are the perfect balance of comfort and affordability.  Based on the Ford Transit line of passenger vans, the Executive line is efficient and ample. With rowed seating that can accommodate up to 14 people and luggage—there’s not a need they can’t fulfill. 

Why Choose Our Executive Passenger Vans?

Excelsior Transportation is focused on making group transportation easy and efficient. The Executive fleet is all about maximizing productivity.  Meeting your group transport needs in a comfortable but affordable fashion. Sometimes, you don’t need all the added luxury of something like our Sprinter vans—you just need space and comfort. 

This is the perfect match for groups that still want quality transportation in nice vehicles—but without all of the glitz and excess.  Our Executive passenger vans are smartly equipped with sensible features such as:

  • Flat Flooring
  • Multiple Power Points; Dual USB at Each Row
  • 19″ Flip Down Media Player (on some models)
  • PA with Hand Held Mic (on some models)
  • Modified Rear Seating Capacity
  • Soft Touch Vinyl Seating
  • Rear Luggage Barrier
  • Emergency Escape Windows
  • Back-Up Alarm (perfect when used for school events)
  • Fire Extinguisher, First Aid Kit 10 Unit, Triangle Reflector Kit

Our professional drivers that go through stringent background checks, extensive driving safety and first aid courses, and regular re-screenings to ensure we only have the best on the road serving you.

Our Executive Vans are the perfect solution for smaller group travel or shuttling back and forth at church and school events. You can count on Excelsior’s passenger van service for many different types of events such as:

Wedding Party Transportation With No Stress

If you’ve ever planned a Houston wedding scheduled in the middle of July, then you know planning a wedding is much more than the décor, the reception, and the music. Houston gets downright hot and that makes stress levels go through the roof. 

Why add to that stress with trying to coordinate safe bachelorette and bachelor party travels? If a party bus is not your style and you want to keep it low-key but still not deal with Houston traffic—one of our Executive passenger vans is the smart choice.

With enough from for fourteen, it is the perfect way to travel not only on your bachelorette and bachelor parties—but it’s a great way to shuttles guests to and from the reception back to a central lot. Wedding transportation can be just as important to the overall feel of a wedding as the décor, music, and themes. 

If your venue, for example, is a large outdoor “chapel in the woods” ranch-style venue, parking is usually far off. Guests have to walk long distances from the ceremony area to the reception area—that can be a pain. Having one of our passenger vans run set shuttle routes is the perfect way to make your wedding accessible for all.

Church Youth Conferences

Youth conferences downtown are one of the most memorable events for the youth in your church. As a youth pastor though, you know it’s highly stressful.  Think about the logistics of trying to wrangle a herd of hyper youth ready to run wild downtown. You don’t need the worry of getting a bunch of teenagers from the hotel to the event on time without losing anyone.

With our Executive vans, we have you covered without all the stress. We can make sure none of your group gets left behind. We can provide a coordinator to take roll call, provide a passenger manifest list, and make sure everyone’s safe. As a youth pastor you probably already know—there’s always that one kid gets left behind—not on our watch.

With a few of our Executive vans, our professional drivers, and a travel coordinator— we can make it stress-free. We’ll make sure your group gets around downtown on conference weekend much easier than hauling a huge charter bus. When you need short, quick hops from hotel to convention center and maybe someplace for a group lunch—we got it! 

Family Reunions & City Tours

The holidays and family reunions are great times for traveling around with family reminiscing the past and catching up with relatives that live far away. This isn’t always possible unless you book a few of our Executive vans and let us handle the driving. We can keep family together take you to see all the sights in Houston or wherever your destination may be.

Family reunions don’t have to be logistical nightmares, we are professionals in coordinating group travel.  We can keep your family together and on schedule to make the most of your family outing. Enjoy the good times, good food, and great company— because family comes first, so let us take care of the details.

Private and Public School Events/Field Trips

Nothing is more stressful than a field trip day for educators.  The kids are excited about getting out of the classroom and it shows. Maybe it’s a trip to the museums downtown, a day trip to Galveston for a dolphin tour, or a conference. Whatever your event is—we can keep everyone together and safe without the stress.

We have serviced hundreds of schools in the Houston metro area alone and we have the experience and manpower to handle it.  We have been in the business of keeping kids together and safe for many school events such as:

  • UIL Competitions
  • Road Games 
  • Band Camp
  • Day Trips/Field Trips
  • Prom/Homecoming

There’s not a school event we can’t make easier on educators with our Executive passenger vans. Our professional and detail-oriented drivers will ensure kids are safely transported. Our travel coordinators will ensure that all kids are accounted for departing and boarding all vans. There is no worry about having to explain to a parent that you lost their child. We won’t let that happen—we’re your eyes and ears when you need us. 

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