Up To 4 Passengers*

Excelsior luxury sedans are a long-standing symbol of preferred luxury, chic style, and utmost comfort. They are perfect for airport transportation, a night out on the town or special engagements for three to four passengers.* They are more than capable of offering the same luxury experience as our famous limousines just on a smaller scale. 

*Our luxury sedans are available for transfers or hourly (3-hour minimum)

*While our sedans are safety rated for four passengers, a maximum of three is recommended for the most comfort.

Expertly Appointed

Our full-size sedans don’t cut corners on luxury. In fact, you could think of them as a downsized version of our limos as mentioned. You get the same plush seating, stylish and posh interior, generous legroom, and the latest in smart technology for automobiles. 

Outside, the silky-smooth black exterior and aerodynamic curves on models such as the Mercedes S-class sedan, offer a bold statement of luxury. If you prefer a sportier look that makes a dominant alpha statement when you pull up—you can select our Cadillac XTS and similar models. With bold, sharp lines, buttery smooth leather interior, and the head-turning design Cadillac is known for—you will definitely make a statement wherever you go.

We have several other models within our fleet that have the same comparable features and luxurious style that makes a statement for any event or need. 

Some Of The Features Our Luxury Sedans Include:

  • Plush leather seating
  • Integrated wi-fi (select models)
  • Bluetooth audio 
  • Premium infotainment system (Bose, Burmester premium, etc.)
  • Ambient cabin lighting (Mercedes S Class)
  • Plentiful USB charging ports for mobile devices

Why Excelsior Luxury Sedans?

Our Luxury sedans are perfect when you want the luxury of a full-size limo but don’t need the extra space. Our sedans are also available on demand* with much shorter notice than our limos. Many of our corporate clients, for example, keep us on speed dial for picking up clients at events rather than taking on an additional asset such as a corporate sedan.

But you don’t have to be a large company or CEO to justify booking one of our luxury sedans. We have customers from all walks of life that enjoy the special touch our car service adds to any occasion.

Date Night

Whether it’s a first date or a date with your spouse of 20 years, nothing makes a special date night like luxury car service. Imagine being able to be picked up in a luxurious sedan complete with sharply dressed chauffeur, and plush interiors. You are whisked downtown, not worrying about traffic, paying exorbitant fees to park blocks away—instead, you arrive curbside at each destination, your door opened by your chauffeur. You enjoy your evening, and don’t worry, have that glass of champagne or wine—you have a consummate professional at the wheel—your safety is guaranteed. Date night with our luxury sedan service gives you the ability to roam all over downtown without breaking a sweat.

Want to leave the restaurant and head to a lounge? We have you covered. Want to take a stroll in the park but don’t want to walk all the way from the jazz club? Just call your driver, they are waiting nearby for your call.

Houston Rodeo

If you’ve lived in Houston and never experienced the spectacle that is the Houston Rodeo—it is an event you don’t want to miss. With a Texas-sized carnival, pro-level rodeo competition, and some of the worlds biggest stars in music—it’s the experience of a lifetime.

However, the one downside to The Houston Rodeo is the parking and the traffic. Parking is downright horrendous and you could end up parking a good 45-minute walk from the gates. Parking has gotten so bad in the last decade, that the amount of pedicabs and golf cart rides available to attendees has tripled. 

If you want to take advantage of those conveniences though, it will cost you—some cost upwards of 15.00 each way! However, you can skip all the hassle of even finding one that’s available and arrive and depart the rodeo in style—without the hike.

Our luxury sedan can pick you and up to three of your friends* at your front door and drop you off right at the gates of the largest rodeo in Texas. Yes, it’s that easy no hiking in the humidity, no blisters from the new boots you wanted to show off, and no parking fees!

Airport Transportation

The part about traveling that people from all walks of life hate the most is the airport itself. Specifically, getting to and from the airport and on a flight. These days, both Bush and Hobby can be nightmares, especially during peak hours. The traffic at the entries is abysmal, the parking lots charge exorbitant amounts for short-term parking, and then you have to go through security. It can really put a damper on your travel plans.

Excelsior can eliminate that stress by waiting curbside at your residence or offices—whether it’s a 5 pm pickup or 3 am departure, we will be there. Your driver will load and unload your luggage so that you can just relax and not worry about the traffic and the parking. Now, dealing with the TSA, we can’t help you there, but at least you won’t already be stressed out from the ride.

Touring Houston

Visiting Houston and don’t want to be at the mercy of a mystery rideshare? You know bad a rideshare experience can be. You book from your app, you don’t really get to choose the specific vehicle, your driver shows up in shorts after getting lost for 10 minutes…sound familiar? 

Listen, we know that the appeal of an on-demand ride ordered from an app on your phone sounds like a harmless idea but watch the news—it’s a risky gamble.

Rideshare drivers don’t go through an extensive background and drug test like Excelsior professional drivers do. They aren’t well-versed in knowing the best restaurants, the hidden gems in Houston, and the shortcuts around downtown. Our drivers are professionally trained, certified and go through extensive driver safety courses.

When you visit Houston from out of town, you want to make sure you get the best experience as possible. When you ask a rideshare driver for the best Mexican food in Houston, they may take you to a touristy spot, not a local gem like Irma’s Original. When you want to find unique nightlife in this huge city, will a rideshare driver know the in’s and outs of the entire city? Our drivers do, it’s part of their job description to be not only a driver but a seasoned concierge, catering to your needs. Our sedan service is a much better value than taking a new rideshare for every stop and rolling the dice on the quality of your ride.

Why Choose Excelsior Luxury Sedan Service?

When you choose Excelsior for your transportation needs you are trusting a company with over 25 years of experience serving clients from all walks of life. Our commitment to the details that make us stand out from every other Houston transportation provider is the secret to our continued success.

Safety Is A Non-Negotiable Priority

Our drivers know and so do our riders, that we never make compromises on safety. That means maintaining our vehicles with near obsessive-compulsive attention to even the slightest concerns. We are committed to keeping the safest fleet on the roads. We utilize our own on-site service shop where certified master technicians keep all of our vehicles in tip-top shape.

Our drivers are bound by a zero-tolerance driver safety policy that mandates all traffic laws are fully complied with (no rolling stops, no speeding, etc.) and they are to be ready and alert for their entire shift. We pay our drivers well and reward excellent service and safety compliance which motivates drivers to be vigilant.

Servitude In Our Attitude

One of the things that we pride ourselves on is our attitude of servitude. We live to provide the warmth of hospitality on the road not only to our passengers but to other motorists on the road. When you trust us with your transportation you are ensured a pleasant and outgoing experience from booking to the actual ride itself. Our drivers are friendly, multilingual, knowledgeable about the city and are motivated to find ways to exceed your expectations.

Contact a transportation coordinator for availability and current pricing, as well as corporate and group rates