Below you will see some of our latest travel tips and info to help you get to your destination a lot easier.

Travel Industry

Travel Industry Showing Strong Signs Of Life

Wow, when you think about where we’ve come from in a little over a year—it’s amazing, the perseverance of the American spirit. This time last year, we were in the dark on so many fronts. However, now with COVID vaccinations at such a rapid distribution pace, there’s bright lights ahead in this tunnel we’ve been…

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Houston Limo Service

Houston Limo Service Helps You Discover Houston Again

Now that we are a full month into Texas—Houston included, reopening, people are cautiously getting out and about. Restaurants are flourishing, entertainment venues are navigating the post-lockdown environment and people want to get back to normal. Our Houston limo service is as busy as ever—while being as safe as ever too. That being said, that…

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Doing Our Part To Fight COVID-19

Excelsior is 100% committed to providing our passengers with the best experience in the transportation industry. While we have always set the standard for private and luxury transportation, we also apply that dedication to client safety during the COVID pandemic. When COVID-19 first presented itself as more than a fluke virus we made it a…

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Finding An Elite Limo Service In Houston

From time to time we will feature an article here that contains travel tips from “professional travelers.” That is, some of our clients that travel several times a week on business or leisure. These clients know their stuff when it comes to hotels, airlines, and of course, finding a reputable limo service. These clients know…

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rodeo houston limo

Do Rodeo Houston In Style With an Escalade Limo from Excelsior

If you’ve been in Houston for a bit then you know what the end of February means to Houstonians—RODEO. Yes, Houston is the only city where the Houston Livestock Show isn’t even referred to by it’s “proper” name, it’s just—RODEO. With bragging rights as the largest livestock exhibition in the world, The Houston Livestock Show…

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Show Your Valentine Some Love With Excelsior

Chances are if you’re reading this, you are scrambling to come up with something special for Valentine’s Day and just like last year; you procrastinated until the last couple of weeks. Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled Lucky for you that you found us in timebecause we are going to help you wow your Valentine…

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Houston Party Bus Rental For Christmas Lights Tour

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Houston. Holiday decorations, stores full of the hottest and coolest toys, and shopping centers sport full parking lots every weekend. Christmas season is also one of the busiest for us, being the top limo service in Houston. We are busy day in and day out with…

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safe at holiday parties

Keeping Your Employees Safe At Holiday Parties

Corporate holiday parties and banquets are often the most anticipated company event of the year in Houston; people from all departments come together, put work talk aside and bond over the holidays. It is great for company morale as people enjoy delicious catered food, prize giveaways, dancing and an open or cash bar. This is…

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business travel

4 Tips To Cut Costs On Business Travel

Everyone who travels for business knows the mundane routine you go through every trip—catch your flight, attend meetings, social mixers, dinners and other activities with clients or colleagues. When you start to factor in the costs of airfare, hotel booking, transportation, daily meals and per diem—business trips start to add up to a hefty expenditure,…

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houston summer concerts

Houston Summer Concerts: Get There In Style

The city of Houston is no stranger to the music business or live music venues. With over 20 live music venues, several of them massive, world-class venues—Houston is definitely worth a road trip to see your favorite artist. If you live in Houston, you are at an even greater advantage, having all these amazing venues…

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why houston Is a great summer spot

Why Houston Is A Great Summer Vacation Spot

Well, summer is in full swing and so is the summer vacation season in Houston. Many people will be heading off to exotic or fun locations for summer vacation in the next two months—but what about those of us that can’t get away for a weeklong trip out of Houston? Not to worry, as one…

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ride sharing in houston

The Risks And Dangers Of Using Ride Sharing In Houston

Even if you’ve never heard of the term ride share— you have definitely heard the word Uber or Lyft tossed around. Ride sharing in Houston is billed as a popular alternative to traditional transportation services such as taxis, Houston limo service providers, or other destination management companies. Many Houstonians have begun to use these rideshare…

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Best Money Saving Tips On Houston Limo Service

When it comes to hired transportation, nothing is as classy or luxurious as travelling by limousine. There really isn’t an event or occasion where a limousine is out of place. Whether it’s prom, a wedding, a corporate gala, or even just a special night on the town—a limousine is the ultimate way to get to…

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Corporate Travel Services: A Must Have For Travel Managers

As a busy corporate travel manager, time and adherence to schedule are one of the biggest concerns of your daily travel itineraries.  It is quite easy for one small misstep to create a domino effect that impacts your entire day, leaving you scrambling to keep everything together. Each traveler in your entourage will have different…

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