houston summer concerts

The city of Houston is no stranger to the music business or live music venues. With over 20 live music venues, several of them massive, world-class venues—Houston is definitely worth a road trip to see your favorite artist. If you live in Houston, you are at an even greater advantage, having all these amazing venues right in your backyard—and what is a Texas summer without some great concerts? 

As the best limo service in Houston, Excelsior Transportation has been privileged to provide transportation for many world-class artists that have graced the stages in this great city. Whether it’s getting the most famous troubadour, George Strait to and from the main stage—without his exes at the Houston Rodeo or making sure Macklemore gets safely back to his suite, downtown at the Hilton Houston Americas in a luxury tour van not a moped, man—we have seen every venue and even a few shows. All jokes aside, what’s stopping you from arriving at these shows in style too?

You Can Catch A Concert In Style Too

Celebrities and performers aren’t the only ones who appreciate the finer things in life such as a luxury ride from the best limo service in Houston. Excelsior provides transportation for multitudes of everyday people like yourself, to all the great music venues here for an amazing show experience. Think about the advantages of booking a limo to get to and from the show:

Not A VIP? At Least Get Treated Like One

So you’re not a VIP celebrity, so what. With Excelsior limo service in Houston—you can arrive like one. Imagine pulling up next to the concert venue entrance with you and maybe even 10 or so of your “entourage.” Your driver gets out, decked out in a dapper black suit, opens your door and welcomes you to your destination—while everyone else is watching wondering who you are. Admit it, it sounds good doesn’t it? Nothing wrong with splurging on yourself for once right?

Relax, Let Us Deal With The Traffic

Riding in the back seat enjoying a cold one, or even just watching your favorite movie on the HD screens is a lot better than driving in Houston traffic day of the show. Houston traffic is horrendous enough without a special event going on. In fact, did you know that relative to urban population, Houston traffic is on par with LA traffic—yes Los Angeles, home of the 4-hour rush hour jam.  Do you really want to be stressed out by the time you arrive at Toyota Center only to then hunt for a parking space and deal with all the roadblocks? Skip the madness and book with Excelsior and get dropped off right up front. 

A DUI Costs Thousands More Than A Safe Ride Home

At most concerts, concessions serve liquor or beer at the very least. Do you really want to be worrying about how many drinks you had and whether you feel safe to drive? Even if you feel safe you could still blow above the legal limit on a breathalyzer. And Houston police, in an effort to curb DUI accidents, are cracking down on drunk drivers leaving concerts and games. Don’t chance it, the average DUI costs over $10,000 in legal and court costs—our limo service is peanuts compared to that. Get there safe, have fun without worry, get home safe—Excelsior is your designated driver.

Limo Service In Houston Is Only For The Wealthy?

Even with all these advantages, the misconception is that limo service in Houston is only for the wealthy like celebrities or executives. While it is true that many wealthy individuals travel exclusively by luxury car service, and that can be costly on regular basis—it doesn’t mean the average person can’t afford a night on the town in a limo. These are the two most common reasons we hear people give when passing up the opportunity for a really great night on the town: 

“But, I Can’t Afford Limo Service In Houston.”

That’s actually not true at all. Think about it, what is one of the most enjoyable group or date activities you can take part in? A concert! When attending a concert with a group of people, Excelsior Transportation actually becomes the more economical option. When you consider a group of, let’s say 14 friends traveling in several Ubers—the cost when you factor in their ridiculous “surge pricing” can end up costing about $175.00 per car round trip. That’s a lot of money for a car that could be anything from a Prius or at best on UberX, a basic sedan.

However, if that same group pooled their money together, they could spend less than an Uber, get a decked-out limo or party bus and pre-game around town before the show and still spend only equal to or less than a boring Uber. Which would method of transportation would you prefer—our bet is on the party bus rather than the Uber. We can make that happen.

But, It’s Just Me And My Date.”

That’s not a problem at all. We have luxury transportation available for clients of all budgets. We don’t try to compete with Uber prices because Uber can’t compete with our level and quality of service—but we still have affordable options.

If you want to impress your date, call Excelsior and ask about our concert packages and specials that are sure to make a great first impression. Trust us, nothing says classy less, than picking your hot date up for the concert in an Uber being driven by a guy in shorts and flip-flops. Of course, you could take your own car too and unless you pay for VIP parking (anywhere from $75.00 to $200.00) you are likely going to have a nice, scorching hot, mile-long walk to the venue. Seriously—are you trying to get a second date or not? Give us a call, we may not be matchmakers, but we can definitely help with a nice ride driven by a professional that dresses the part and drops you off at the door. May the odds be forever in your favor—and they will be with Excelsior Transportation.

So, What Adventure Can We Take You On?

Listen, we’ve heard your reasons why you can’t enjoy limo service in Houston, and we’ve debunked those myths so really the only thing left to do is check out some of the remaining shows of the 2018 concert season in the Houston area. We have some recommendations of can’t miss upcoming shows:

Bush & Stone Temple Pilots – 8/16
Shakira – 8/22

Journey & Def Leppard – 9/1
Jay Z & Beyoncé – 9/15
Odesza – 10/11
Lecrae & Andy Mineo – 10/13
Twenty-One Pilots – 11/6
Elton John – 12/8

If any of the above shows interest you, then snag your tickets and give Excelsior Transportation a call to arrive there in style. In fact, any event this summer where you just want to feel like a VIP and really go all out, leave it to us to make you feel like a VIP. From everyone here at Excelsior, we hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and look forward to being able to serve you.